Sims 2 University Expansion

is mine! I’m installing it now as I type:D
Ooooh yes.

I must say though, installing the Sims 2 is a pain! 4 discs! And since I didn’t reinstall the Sims 2 when I reinstalled my computer, it’s taking soooooooo long. And now it’s updating and asking for Sims 2 disc 4 and then Sims 2 University disc 1 (the expansion has 2 discs too). Gaaaaawd! This better be the end of it!

Also, on the back of the cd case for the expansion is an advertisement for expansion #2, to be released fall this year supposedly! (The Sims 2 Nightlife) Omg, I can’t keep up:p

Oh, it’s done installing:)


  1. Tell me how you like it. I’m muy curious

  2. Tell me how you like it. I’m muy curious.

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