Toilet Bowl Scrubbing

This is clearly going to be a v. prosaic sort of a post. But I figure I gotta try to talk about stuff besides NCAA basketball for a little! Even if it is March:p

Anyhows, I hate chores, which Yut will attest to (with alacrity:p). Cleaning the bathroom is ok, I guess, but the toilet bowl brush always seems kind of groady just cos. So there’ve been these new products that we’ve seen a lot of commercials for where the basic idea is that instead of a separate toilet bowl brush and cleanser, there is instead a handle and a scrubby thing that attaches to the handle which already has cleanser in it. There are two competing products that I know of: the Clorox ToiletWand and Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush. Since Walgreens had the Fresh Brush on sale recently, we decided to give it a try. Actually, we’ve been meaning to try something for a while now, but honestly, trying out a new toilet product isn’t all that exciting:p I finally threw away the old toilet brush as impetus:p (So why am I posting about it if it’s not exciting? Well, we didn’t leave the apartment today, so besides basketball and this, I got nothin’.)

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush
The Fresh Brush “System”: the two plastic pieces snap together to form the handle, 4 scrubby pads, and some wipes.

The first thing is, I had a hard time putting the two handle pieces together. My excuse is that I tried to put it together before I’d had anything to eat. But I suspect that even if I’d waited til after, it wouldn’t have mattered. I finally got Yut to take care of this instead. Everything after that was super easy though. I like how the handle thing is slightly curvy so it’s easy to scrub under the rim. Since the scrubby pad thing is actually flushable, you never have to fear drippiness. But then again, it’s not terribly scrubby. It got everything clean just fine, so I don’t think it’s a problem, but I suppose if you have extra crazy dirty-ness or stainage, it wouldn’t do the trick. Also, even though it’s nice that the scrubby part gets thrown away, part of the handle does get submerged, so I guess it’s still kinda groady. But really, the worst part of the brush is usually the scrubby part, so this solves that. So yeah, I think this is pretty alright. I dunno how much it costs regularly, but if it’s around $10 like the ToiletWand is, I’d be a little leery of the cost:p But it was about $4, so it’s totally fine:) I dunno why, but while I was peeing this morning, I thought of the Fresh Brush, cos we got it Friday and it was new, so I was kinda excited. So there you have it, things that excite me: innovations in toilet cleaning:p

Okay, done with the toilet talk, on with the basketball talk. Today was actually a great basketball day in objective terms — there were all these upsets (1/2 the games played today?), all these games that were super close (Kentucky over Cincinnati) or both (the West Virginia vs. Wake Forest game, which went into double over time before WVU upset Wake). But I was soooo upset!! I had the ACC going 10-0 the first two rounds and Wake totally messed that up! Gah!

2005 NCAA 2nd Round So Far
The current scoring breakdown: Yut winning now, Kitty second.

And just for fun:

Washington Post Sports section writer Tony Kornheiser’s bracket:)


  1. Tell you what… I’ll let you do a test comparison with the Clorox Toiletwand when you come visit.

  2. You’re too generous! Letting me wash a toilet for you!
    Really, I’m touched:p

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