The Kiss
Saturday, March 12th was Clifford and Jaynry’s wedding.

Weddings… they give me eye boogers. That’s why I was rubbing at my eyes. There’s something so inherently sweet and optimistic about them. Except I can’t admit to anything as un-cynical as that:p

City Hall Rotunda
The ceremony was held at San Francisco City Hall Rotunda.

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
The flower girl and ring bearer — Too cute! :)

Sophie's Crepes
There were hours inbetween the ceremony and banquet/reception, so Al, Julie, Yut, and I went to Japantown in San Francisco and had some sushi (buffet). We watched Be Cool, which was pretty fun. Really light fare, but fun. Then we went to Sophie’s Crepes and had their “Japanese” crepe, which had red bean paste and green tea ice cream and something else, but I forget what. It was yummy! I’d never had anything like it:) We ate it like an ice cream cone. Julie knows all these yummy places to eat in the city, and since me and Yut never go, we were like, we just had buffet, and dinner’s soon…sure let’s have a crepe, too! And then we went to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and got these English Breakfast tea lattes (which is like a latte only instead of coffee, they use tea). Delish! I wish I could go get another one right now, actually. Right after that, we went to the banquet.

Double Happiness
The banquet was at Yank Sing Restaurant in the Rincon Center. They set up the food court area with a huge number of chairs and tables — It looked beautiful.

Shark Fin Soup
The Shark Fin soup.

There were like a bajillion courses, I don’t remember how many. I took pictures after I remembered. The food was really good, and overall, it was a great party:) There was a cash bar, but red wine and sodas were hosted (freeeeeeee!!! oh yes!) Did I mention that it was a great party?? Well, ok, it was also a great party cos I’ve never seen the bride and groom look sooo happy. They grinned at each other a lot. Well, when I was looking that’s how it seemed:p

Besides the hosted red wine, there was cognac at the table. And of course, the sparkling wine flowed. Then Lingo showed up with 3 different bottles of wine for the table.

Yut got all toasty really early on. I have some lovely red pictures of him, but he won’t let me post them:p You can tell he’s gotten a bit buzzed when he turns red, then starts to itch. I think he has an alcohol allergy of some sort. But he’s all warm and fun (that’s an euphemism for “even pervier than normal” :D)! Then he gets sleepy, but since it was a party he didn’t fall asleep. He also sobers up pretty fast.

I’d never really seen either Lingo or Barry drunk ever before. And Jen said that it’d been years since Barry’d had a lot to drink. That was practically a challenge! So me, Yut, and Al spent half the night drinking with Barry. You have to be sneaky, cos if everyone drinks the same amount, that’s no good. Everyone has to drink, but preferably separately, so one person’s drinking much more than the rest. Plus he was knew tons of other people so he was drinking with them too… Dude, though, we overdid it a lil. When Lingo’s buzzed he gets talkative and funny. (He was a great unofficial MC for the reception:) ) But when Barry’s drunk, he’s only ever so slightly different from normal — well except to Jen, who said she could tell he was feeling it, early on:D But since I couldn’t tell, I kept saying, another sip, Barry! Sorry Jen!!! The reception was lots of fun though! :)

One final picture:) — someone was carted home. Luckily the party ended when it did, for me. I went home and yakked up all bajillion courses. Which is why this post is happening now, instead of earlier. We had to wash all of the sheets today:p Sorry Yut! Thanks for taking care of me. Love you!!!!!!!! <sheepish grin> Even though Al drank more than me, he was totally ok. Hmmmph:p Julie said that since it was technically his friend’s wedding, he would get to drink, and she would drive:D Hehe:) Fun day:) Dooood, we were out of the apartment for a LONG time for a Saturday:p

Congrats again, guys:)


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  2. LMAO you loser. poor tigs~ cleanin sheets and takin care of drunken you~ LMAO. hehehehe. shark fin soup… mmmmm… yummmm…

  3. I thought being away from my computress for hours was going to unbearable, but it turned out to be so much fun. (except for the laundry part)

  4. Just to clear your email address off. :)

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