Yogurt – A Rodney Dangerfield Type Story

We went grocery shopping tonight. Safeway has Yoplait yogurt for sale (20 for $10, 50¢ each). I really like the Custard Style vanilla yogurt and the Whips, too. Well, so I started grabbing yogurt. After I picked up around 10, I stopped, wondering if I’d maybe gotten too many. Yut wandered back right at this point, and said, “Wow 20 for 10! Are you sure you got enough? Maybe you should get some more.” He was saying this in sort of a loudish voice, and when I half turned I realized there was a random girl who’d stopped to look at the yogurt too! And she was slightly turned toward me, sureptitiously looking at me funny!!! Argh!

Then he continued, still in the loudish voice, “Are you sure you don’t want 30?! I know you’re crazy like that!” She looked at me even funnier. I was silenced, giving him dirty looks. There was nothing I could say that wouldn’t make me look crazier.

He suddenly wheeled the cart down another aisle. Then he stopped and laughed and laughed. Oh yeah, so funny:p

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  1. muhahaha! It was too good an opportunity to pass up! Oh the way that girl was looking at your was classic. Too bad there’s no pic to post.

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