Damn Blogger

I don’t know why, but I tried yesterday to update my entry, but it wouldn’t let me. It’d let me see it and type stuff in, but when I tried to post, it wouldn’t work.

Anyhows, this is all I was trying to say:

Addendum: Like one hour after I said, “It BETTER NOT RAIN”, it rained hard. Luckily we were inside. Hope you guys weren’t caught in the rain, misa and neb!

Also, I forgot my umbrella today, which didn’t seem like it was going to be horrible, but then at 12:40pm just as I was walking because I had a 1pm thing I had to get to, it POURED! It was like one of those scenes in movies where they have fire trucks with hoses pouring down the fake rain only it was REAL! And I got soaked. So now I look like a wet rat:p The rain stopped the minute I got on the bus. Seriously, it’s

I am trying to update my blog and blogger is not cooperating. Jeez.

So anyhows, more later, if blogger is working properly then. Soooooo glad it’s Friday:)


  1. yeah — google sucks

  2. you should post more things about hating sunny days; maybe that would help :D

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