I went to the dentist last week. I’m not really a big fan of dental procedures cos I associate it with pain, but I really like my dentist (Dr. Barry Kami) and dental hygienist (Danielle). He said that it was about time to replace my silver fillings (which I’ve had forever:p) so I had to make an appointment for this week, too. That’s two dental appointments in one month! He redid my fillings on my right side yesterday.

Filling BeforeMy bottom filling before (scary, ain’t it);
Filling Afterfilling after, still scary, but I like it much better.

The worst part wasn’t even the actual procedure — he shot me up with some anesthetic that made the whole thing painless. The worst part was after the whole thing was done, but my mouth was still all numb and I tried to rinse out my mouth and I realized I wasn’t really closing the right side of my mouth properly so every time I swished I’d leak water like a bad fountain:p For once I did something intelligent and I called in the rest of the afternoon sick cos I didn’t wanna seem stupid (wouldn’t be the first time, but I’d rather minimize:p). I went to sit at the library for a little and as I was reading, I started drooling. And I didn’t even know I was drooling til this HUGE drop of drool fell on my pants!!! I quickly looked up to make sure no one had seen me, then tried to wipe the drool away and LEFT.

Edit: I put up smaller versions of the picts:)


  1. i drooled after mine too! hehe. but i went to work anyway… it wore off fairly quickly and also i kept touching my mouth to make sure it was closed. :D

  2. Yeah, while I was walking on the street, I kept touching my mouth, but then once I got to the library, I forgot to. Egads:p

  3. I was just putting gum in my mouth and I drooled onto my desk. ick.

  4. I remember one time the original anaesthetic didn’t do the trick, so they shot me up with a lot… for most of the day, half of my face was unresponsive, so if I smiled, I’d be half-smiling, half-frowning, and I was worried that I would be chewing on my tongue when I ate…

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