Earth Day

I realized today that it’s Earth Day. So happy Earth Day:)
(and for once, thanks Google for helping remind me.)

I read this article about the “Death of Environmentalism” on I’ve been kind of thinking about this a lot… I mean, George W. Bush is the first elected official ever (I think) to get an ‘F’ from the League of Conservation Voters; he weakened the Clean Air Act (or he wants to if he hasn’t); he wants to drill for oil in our Arctic preserves; and NONE of this matters. Lots of people still seem to think that global warming isn’t really happening, it’s just a natural cyclical thing and the crazy environmentalists need to calm down. But you know what? Churchill, North America’s only sub-arctic industrial port had its port rights (something like that) bought up by some American business company cos they’re counting on global warming to warm up the waters around it enough to do shipping year round (the Canadian government was happy to get something for the rights because traditionally arctic shipping is a money loser cos the water’s ice for too many months of the year). Churchill’s starting to make more money (not quite in the black yet, but getting there). Some company is out there betting money on global warming! So yeah, if science, with its talk about the green house effect and global warming isn’t proof enough, how about big business investing in sub-arctic sea ports? Gah.


  1. The Earth has a history of fixing the problems caused to it. Though, primarily it fixes problems by riding itself of the cause. Just a thought.

  2. ah… the earth…

    yeah okay that was supposed to lead into something smart but nope… gotz nothing~ lol

  3. Maybe before then, we’ll be causing problems on another lucky planet/satellite. Think positive thoughts.

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