Eyes on the Prize

misa and neb came to visit tonight. I think she just wanted the candles. Although who can blame her; I picked a nice prize for my no-downside pool. All you people who didn’t enter, AREN’T YOU SORRY NOW?!! Especially since misa and Kitty (!!! — I can’t stop with the exclams everytime I have to talk about how Kitty almost won:p) would’ve been your only real competitions. Yeah, if you weren’t sorry before, I bet you’re sorry now:D

We went to have pho, which misa was craving kinda. Funny thing is, we hadn’t had pho in a while and we had been thinking about going on Sunday except that it rained! AGAIN!!!! (It’s caps lock and multiple exclam day today.) Which I already whined about, so I won’t whine anymore. Much. Probably.

After pho, we passed by a candy/snacky store which was selling Pocky.
Green Tea Pocky
I’ve developed a little bit of a thing for green tea pocky. Last time we went to 99 (a few weekends ago) they had them on sale, and even though I tried to control myself, I inhaled them quite quickly indeed. I meant to write and tell everyone, with pictures, but I snarfed them before I could take any. So this time, I took the picture before I opened the box. (That’s thinking! I’m using my noggin!) Lisa bought a box of green tea and a box of some kind of white chocolatey almond stuff.

Which reminds me, is green tea flavoring having some kind of a renaissance? Cos also, yesterday at Jamba Juice, I noticed they had a lot of new flavors.
Matcha Green Tea Blast
We tried the Matcha Green Tea Blast, which you can’t tell is what it is in this picture, so you’ll just have to trust me:p Was like drinking green tea ice cream — yummilicious! I would’ve gona back for another today, but it got a little chilly. It BETTER NOT RAIN again!


  1. Way to think and use your noggin!

    I had pho yesterday night too. It’s the fallback dinner cuz the place is on the way home, and the people there would miss us if we didn’t frequent their restaurant at least once a week.

  2. yes… way to use-_-;; ur noggin… ahem… LMAO
    aw geez… jamba juice! i had that in arizona! mmmm. they make green tea pocky o_O?! and hey! whats with all the !!!!!-_-;; how surprising is it that i came in second o_O. lol yes… the girl who couldnt figure out how u’re supposed to pull brackets down or what not on excel… lol

  3. Dude — everything in Japan has a “matcha flavor”. Even Starbucks Frappucino.

    Also those Green Tea Pocky are damn good. I’m trying to not eat them before Lisa feels like she’s had her share.

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