Hodge Podge: April Fools, Anchorman, The Sims 2, &c

I totally forgot it was April Fools’ Day today.

Although it’s not a holiday that I “get”…I’m not too good at the fooling, and I’m waaaay too easy to fool. Oh well. Yeah, wow, that was boring:p

Julie and Al came over tonight and brought pizza, out of the kindness of their hearts:D We supplied the beer. We watched Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, which stars Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate. It was sooo silly. Definitely had its funny moments, but doood, some of it was just sooo ridiculous. In fact, Will Ferrell said it himself in one of the outtakes: “This is just too ridiculous!” But still, it also had some laugh out loud moments and some cute moments, just not something I’d wanna see again…maybe overpowered by the silliness, is how I felt about it. Oh and Julie brought back Yut’s sunglasses and my umbrella. Today was a lovely sunny day, but next week or weekend will probably be rainy again, although now that I have an umbrella, maybe not:D

But it’s super late now, and I dunno why I’m still up. Oh wait, I do know, I been playing games. Lately, my Sims have been frustrating me incredibly. One of the families I have (the family I’m trying to play right now) is soooo buggy. Like right now, I can’t get the younger kids into private school cos I invite the headmaster, but the headmaster never shows. And sometimes, someone will go pick up the baby, but for some reason, they’ll get stuck. So then you can’t pick up the baby, and the one who first got stuck can’t move. So they stand there til they pee in their pants and they’re sooo hungry and sleepy and unhappy but they won’t move. And since the baby has needs, the other members of the household keep trying to check on the baby. It’s sooo annoying. I just quit without saving and then come back to it again. But sometimes that means losing hours of gameplay. Gahgahgahgahgah! (I can feel it now: you’re rolling your eyes, thinking “oooooh, losing hours of gameplay”:p Luckily this has only happened with this one family. But unfortunately, no patches for University yet, and I can’t apply the Sims 2 patch cos I already installed Univ. But I would imagine that Univ would patch Sims automatically. I don’t know. Just frustrating, trying to play like this. Fix it, Maxis/EA/whomever! Fix it!!!!

Maybe I’ll go play a different family for a bit:) Or maybe sleep and play diff family tomorrow. Yeah, maybe that. Oooph tired. For some reason, when it’s a weeknight (with work the next morning) I don’t feel too sleepy at all, but on a weekend, I start getting sleepy early… only I manage to put it off for a few hours, COS I CAN! That’s the kind of mature person I am.


  1. omg like i made you and tigs in the sims. and like i made you guys super smart and both of you guys reached the top of your job line and tigs has a helocopter pick him up for work now!! and like you have like three boys and like they got funky names like capernacus and such. hehehehhe. and and ur son has a gf! muhahah. its the first family i’ve actually played with fully and never cheated with. heehee. and like you guys started off really really poor buh you guys made it all the way to the top! it was sooo funn and soo cool!!… lol i need to cheat less… more fun=P

  2. heheheh. that’s funny, the stuck sim. sometimes i get stuck like that in real life.

    doood i was gonna gloat .. i mean say “woot”… about the basketball thing but for a long time everytime i tried to comment blogger would be like, no. actually my browser would just error out. mebbe it was that dude who told seth to be careful buying all those meds. (=

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