House of Prime Rib

My stomach hurts. For the second time this year, we went to House of Prime Rib. The first time was with Julie and Al, this time was with Jaynry and Cliff. Omg, so much food. Last time, I drank a lot (they have a long wait, especially if you don’t have reservations, but even if you do:p) at the bar and the the table. This time, I took advantage of their whole “free seconds” (if you finish the first) thing. The second piece is much much smaller, but still. For a steak place, it’s a good value because of the amount of food you get (all sides come with the meal).

When you sit down, you get bread right away. After ordering which cut you want (City — the smallest with no seconds (I think); House — a fat slice of prime rib; English — thinner cuts than House, but still same amount of meat it seems; and maybe something else — King or something?), they bring out house salad with some yummy dressing and really crispy lettuce, then the prime rib cut au jus with creamed spinach, yorkshire pudding, and your choice of mashed or baked potato. Seriously, I don’t know if a mere listing even does justice to the amount of food it was. I couldn’t have eaten more at a buffet (which those of you who’ve seen me at buffet know is quite impressive when I put my mind to it, unless you’re my dad, in which case you think I’m weak sauce: “Never take a daughter to a buffet! What a waste!” — but I’m much better nowadays:D). Actually speaking of my dad, maybe I should take him some day. Anyhows, okay, so after eating all that food (except the potato), everyone got seconds and it was still really good — juicy and flavorful — even though we were really full. Like I-wish-I-could-unbutton-my-pants full. Then Cliff and Yut were talking about dessert but Jaynry and I were both like you guys go ahead if you really want to, but they didn’t:p The first time with Julie and Al, Julie and I didn’t get seconds, so we got dessert. Before we went, Julie had said that the strawberries in Grand Marnier sauce was really good, so I had to try it. It was delicious, but seriously it’s a choice: desserts or seconds. And sometimes maybe the choice has to be neither, cos now I’m home and my pants are off and I am sitting v. straight because I am oh so v. full.


  1. gluttony is a skill not a sin

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