North Carolina 75, Illinois 70

The Tar Heels beat the Fighting Illini. GO ACC! :)

Final Scores:

  • misa: 56
  • Kitty: 49
  • Yut: 46
  • mim: 42
  • Seth & CT: 32

Actually they didn’t change from my previous posting:p

So the final prize was going to be stickers or a postcard, but then I remembered when we went to the Berkeley Farmer’s Market and the honey dude was selling cute (probably “organic”:p) beeswax candles.

bunny candles
So that’s your prize, misa! :p

I’m thinking about doing a postcard of shame for the last place people, Seth and CT. teeheehee no mercy:p We’ll see.


  1. Thanks but that’s not necessary…you’re too kind… :p
    Charlotte will die of heartbreak… I haven’t had time to ruin her life yet.

  2. This post has been removed by the author.

  3. We’ll hold our heads high, we will!

  4. oh boy oh boy oh boy! (=

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