Shuffly Goodness

I got an iPod shuffle!

iPod shuffle open box
Here it is in all its shuffly glory.

It’s all pretty and stylish and light. At first I didn’t think I would like that it didn’t have a display, but after using it, I realized it didn’t matter, I never cared anyways! And the batteries have lasted for hours now (didn’t time it but it’s been 2 days since charging). I like how you can set aside part of it for data pretty easily (although I haven’t yet). You can shuffle or play in order, but mostly I just shuffle — it’s perfect for walking around with. But it’s making me miss phone calls:p Oh well, shall have to try to be more careful during work hours. I think the only complaint I have is with the earphones, although it’s not specific to the shuffle — I always feel like earphones are too big for my ears. Apple sells “in-ear headphones” with different size fittings, but I dunno, I probably will just deal. I know I could just put a different, more comfortable pair, but then it wouldn’t match, and I can’t have that!!! :p

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