So Much Food

We went to Claim Jumpers tonight for dinner with Al and Julie. It’s only my second time there. Omg, so much food. I’d forgotten how much food it was. This whole weekend we’ve eaten soooo much. At Claim Jumpers, they serve everything on a huge platter filled with food. We got their appetizer combo which was piled high with onion rings, breaded zucchini, mozzarella sticks, artichoke, potato skins, etcetcetc soooo much food. Then for entree, Julie got the half rack of baby back ribs, Al got meatloaf, Yut got a full rack of St. Louis spareribs, and I got chicken pot pie. Whatever you’re imagining, imagine it bigger:p Then after dinner, I had to get the Motherlode which is a slice of a 6 layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing for dessert because it’s chocolate death:) Well also cos a co-worker of mine raves about it. It’s good, but by the end of the meal, we were all so full that between the four of us, we only managed to eat two layers on the slice. The amount of food we took home was probably about equal to everything we ate.

Also, the drive on the 24 towards Concord had sections that were tree-lined. Made me think of the DC metro area a little, but with smaller forests/trees and more shrubby sections. But still, trees! Along the freeway! :)


  1. Sounds like a whloe lotta eatin goin on. I did that too, only in the comforts of my loose clothes in fronna the tele.

  2. oh and your tree thought means you miss me.

  3. enough with the talk! i want some pics!

  4. ok! ok already! geeesh:p

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