There’s been almost a week of perfectly lovely weather, so we decided we were ready for summer, and it was time to break out the barbecue! (ooooh yes!) We even bought beer called Summerfest to go with our theme:)

Chimney StarterOur chimney starter

Doesn’t that look perfectly lovely? :) We cooked up some ribs, chicken, corn, portobella mushroom, pineapple (over two days, not all at once:p). Deeee-lish, if I do say so myself! Barbecue is so yummy.

I want this weather to continue! It’s not too hot and not too cold, just perfect.


  1. Yup, I know the weather is nice when you break out the chimney. It’s great here too.

  2. ooo thats cooll no idea what it is buh cool… and why the heck are you takin pics of ur mouth ?! o_O -_-;;

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