Sunshine (v. random)

The whole I-hate-sun thing worked:p It’s been ever so lovely all week, and since now I’m walking around with a Shuffle, I take circuitous routes to everywhere:p

I am a complete failure at not talking about weather.

Okay, but my excuse (today at least:p) is I’m v. extremely tired, it being way early morning, and I have a headache, but the Carthaginians in my Civ game need to be taken down. (Why is it always the Carthaginians?!)

Today while I was at work, I called Yut to tell him that I’d forgotten my cell at home (I remembered to charge it the night before, which makes forgetting the phone v. probable:p), and he asked about dinner and we decided to make potstickers for dinner and he was talking about having the leftover ones for lunch tomorrow and I was all, wha? we’re cooking lunch? Cos somehow, I’d FORGOTTEN it was FRIDAY!!! Holy shit, how’d that happen? I usually try to keep track of when I don’t have to go to work:p (That was a lot of run-on sentences and fragments and whatnot. Good thing I’m not in school no more.)

Okay, I’m gonna stop now cos I’m not really making that much sense and I doubt it’s gonna get better:p

Btw, did anyone else notice how for some reason my last four pictures have been green? (which is quite a lovely color, so I am not complaining, merely noticing).

Also, (last thing, for real this time:p) when I first tried to post this entry, I got a 500 Internal Server Error from Blogger (grrrrr). Luckily Blogger recently added a “Recover post” link which I think works by periodically saving the post to a cookie so that if something like this happens, your post is recoverable possibly. Which makes me think they must have a lot of this type of problem (well, I can attest to that somewhat). Wish they’d just make posting errors happen less though, instead of making the post recoverable after it happens.

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  1. lol run on sentences. geez mim what am i to do with you? lol j/k j/k as long as you noe what you talkin bout its all good. buh since u aint in skool… care to write my essays? lol o rite im not at home and im not going to bother singing in so im going down as anonymous

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