Al and Julie came over, we barbecued (which we are going to do a lot for the conceivable future so feel free to invite yourselves over — just let us know when:p I am counting on the fact that I know 99.9% of the people who read my blog which is as good or better than the efficacy of my birth control, so I know it’s okay. Wow this was a long aside.) and we watched The Notebook.

I cried so much. The story, about a summer romance between a rich girl and a poor guy that’s For Real but not without Issues, wasn’t original in any way — we predicted some parts just cos they were so cliched. But somehow despite my cynicism, and the treacly moments, and the roll-my-eyes moments, there were still enough parts that were sweet and sad and made me cry. Buckets. Tissues and a napkin full.