The Penultimate March Madness Post

… for this year, anyhows:p

Final Four Final
Okay, misa, gloat if you like… ’til next time! If the Illini win, she will be 17 points over her nearest competitor, Kitty(!!! I can’t get over this:p), and double the pointage of Seth and CT. Wow.

I’ve figured out what’s first prize, will take a picture and post sometime after Monday’s final, which should be v. exciting. Two number ones going to the final… I wonder how often that happens…

In other goings-on, for the second Sunday in a row, we tried to go out to take care of some errands, but for some reason, no matter how lovely the week has been, on Sunday afternoon, it’s cloudy. (That was a horrible mishmash of verb tense, oh well, I sucked in English class.) And some time after we leave the house, it starts to drizzle, then rain. You see, it’s not that I’m egotistical, you can see why I think the weather is spiteful. I mean, seriously two weeks in a row?! So we don’t get much done. Although we did finally manage to buy tax software. We’re procrastinators:p You can get TaxCut Deluxe, TaxCut State, Deduction Pro, and Microsoft Money 2005 Standard or possibly Deluxe for about $5 after rebates. I think if you paid a lot of attention, you can possibly make money after rebates on all of this, but we didn’t care that much, we just wanted it close to 0. The rebates aren’t limited by store, so I think the limiting factor is if you can find a good coupon/promotional code — I had one for $15 off $75 over the phone at Office Max (080511310225 if anyone needs it).

Anyhows, since our attempts at grocery shopping were stymied by the rain, we came home and watched Saw (starring Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Monica Potter, et. al.) this afternoon instead. It wasn’t v. good. There were lots of gruesome parts, and some scary parts, but nothing resembling sense or likeability. I wanted to like it, for Cary Elwes’s sake if nothing else — I mean, he’s Westley from the Princess Bride! — but honestly, I didn’t even like him or his character. Ugh. Oh well.


  1. doh… o well. second is good enough=P

  2. Well, it could have been worse… my mother pressured me to give her my bracket before March Madness and actually paid money to enter a pool with it at her school. When she last sent me the results, she was dead last by a long shot. Ah, perhaps she’ll think twice next time?

  3. Hehe to think she could have possibly won if she picked the teams willy nilly herself. This stuff is so random. After the Terps are out of contention I’m just so lost. That’s my excuse anyhows. That, and Charlotte the dumb you-know-what.

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