CT’s birthday just passed this weekend (happy bday:) )

Darth Tater

We bought her Darth Tater (cos I mean, it’s an evil spud! :D) But we liked it so much we bought ourselves Darth Taters of our own:)

Hasbro released this picture of Darth Tater when they announced it. It was on Yahoo’s most viewed/emailed pictures for a long time. Cute, ain’t he? :)

Today we went to Tupper & Reed on the way home cos it’s closing its Berkeley location for good. I think it might still have another location in the South Bay, not sure. Anyhows, we went cos we’d seen these cute frogs on their display a while back, so we went to see if they still had any.

Croaking Frog

Which they did! :) When you use the stick and stroke the back ridges, it makes a croaky sound. V. cute! :)


  1. Yeah thnx guys! I laffed my head off when I saw the spudly menace.

  2. LOL that is like the cutest thing of all time!

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