Train Wrecks

I can’t stop talking about TV, especially Idol, on Tuesdays. Oh well:p

Today’s American Idol started out slow — the first two singers (Nadia who I like and Bo the “Vincent from Beauty and the Beast” look-alike) were both boooooring. Anwar was good — he’s soooo cute, and I think he has one of the best voices left.

Then came Anthony. Well you already know what I think of him. He’s maybe somewhat pretty (maybe… if you’re 10) but I don’t think he can sing:p Although he did one good thing — he made me break out the Sound of Music:D So I can for sure confirm that the nuns sing much better than Anthony:p Anyhows, it’s a cute movie, one of my faves:p

Vonzell was good this week, lots of fun. Scott and Carrie sucked. Carrie forgot some of her lyrics. They pointed it out, but considering it’s the second time in a row, I’m surprised they didn’t excoriate her more:p

Last was Constantine, who was really brave or crazy! He sang Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, which when we realized that’s what he was singing, we were like, “oh man, this could be really good or a train wreck!” But he pulled it out. It was great, the best of the night.

But ok, on the topic of train wreck, tomorrow, Stacked (starring Pamela Anderson) premieres. All the ads have been terrible, but it’s set in a bookstore, so I will watch the first episode, if only to watch the horror. But seriously, if this show does well, and Arrested Development gets cancelled, it will be an indictment of our collective taste:p Well I probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions before I’ve even seen the show, but I can’t help it.

The last train wreck of the day is… Chris from the Apprentice who proved Trump totally right when he called Chris a “mess,” “train wreck,” and “loser” with “anger management problems.” Dooood, so there’s a cover charge for the bar…you go or you don’t go, there’s no point throwing a hissy fit, especially when THE WHOLE COUNTRY already thinks you have anger issues. Although I found him freakiest when he calmly said that if the Best Buy employees didn’t find his credit card, he would “find an aluminum bat and break somebody’s kneecaps,” not when he was having a cow. :O

PS – I hate sunny weather. (Hope this works:p)

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  1. okkk well w/e lol my new favorite show is grey’s anatomy! yay! lol its my new ER!

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