Blatherings about TV: Jeopardy, American Idol, House, Amazing Race

I watched a lot of TV today! :) This is like a TV column:p

Pam Mueller won on Jeopardy today. I was glad cos there’s way fewer women competing in the Ultimate tournament but also cos she’s not annoying:D If you click on her bio link though, there’s this one question: “Did being on Jeopardy! have any affect on your life?” OMG noooooooo! Affect?! It’s not affect! Affect is a verb!!!!!!!! Okay, I’ll stop being bizarro now:p

I haven’t posted about American Idol in a long time (well ok, not that long, but whatevers:p), and it’s cos this year’s final five had nobody super compelling. Bo’s ok, Vonzell’s ok, Carrie and Anthony suck, and Scott (before he got kicked out last week) suxored, but no one’s brilliant! I liked Anwar. And then I kinda hoped Constantine would do well cos he had charisma and on his good days he was pretty good. Also Julie met him (!!!) and said he was nice. Yeah, so today was same ol’ same ol’. Bo was pretty good I guess, Vonzell was ok, Carrie and Anthony sucked:p

House was good as usual. I’m really glad that the Vogler character finally got written out:p I mean 2 curmudgeons is too much! Plus, they barely established House as a grumpy misanthrope in all his curmudgeony glory and they started trying to humanize him with a character who was meaner! And now there’s maybe a romance brewing between House and Cameron. We’ll see… haven’t decided yet if this is good or bad…but seems unnecessary:p Oh! John Cho (who was in Better Luck Tomorrow and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle) was on, playing a masochistic patient who liked asphyxiation (his dominatrix was the only one who visited him at the hospital), whose parents basically disowned him when they found out. Also he had bad halitosis. I wonder if his friends and family made fun of him for this one. Seriously, I think if I was an actor and I had a role like this, it’d be hard to live down:p

Amber and Rob didn’t win on Amazing Race, Uchenna and Joyce did. But the hot money’s been on them since the beginning. I think the info must’ve leaked ages ago. I dunno why I watched a lot less this season than previously. Maybe cos it’s up against House and I kept watching that instead:p

We also watched Law & Order: SVU. Don’t have much to say about it except that it and Law & Order (orig) are my faves:)

OK, it’s practically cheeky wee monkey time. Ooooh one last thing though: I want paperback recommendations! We’re going to Hawaii (with Julie and Al) next week and I want something to read. I’ve checked out some stuff, but if anyone has recommendations, throw them my way. Fiction please, otherwise, anything is fine. Thanks! :)


  1. What about Hobb’s Tawny Man series? All three books are out and they’re also the concluding books for the whole Fitzchivary Farseer saga.

    “Da Vinci Code” editor Jason Kaufman is taking a chance on first-time novelist John Twelve Hawks and his book, “The Traveler,” said to be a hybrid of the “Matrix” and “Lara Croft” films. But the novel may become equally as popular because of the mystery surrounding the author. Hawks is a recluse who lives “off the grid,” communicates with his editor using a voice scrambler and refuses all interviews and will not be photographed.”

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