I won a bid for the Incredibles on eBay today:) Yay! Been meaning to get it, but never got around to it. This is only my second eBay purchase, so no worries, I’m not about to become like that Crazy eBay mom. I’m pretty excited; hopefully everything will come in good order:)

Next up in the “I want this” queue is Arrested Development Season 1 DVD:)

Me and Yut have been listening to Snow Patrol a lot this week ever since Monday:p This is clearly wildly tangential:p hehe


  1. Really? Yay! :D AD season 1 is awesome. Almost done w/ it though, and then I’m not sure… maybe we’ll watch them all again. :D There’s still a lot I’m sure I missed.

  2. yiii incredibles ehehehhe luv that movie!

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