Grandiose Plans That Don’t Come To Be

We were going to go have dim sum. Yup. And maybe watch the Star Wars Sith movie. And maybe even go grocery shopping cos there’s nothing in our fridge cos we haven’t gone grocerying since before Hawaii. In short, we had plans to leave the apartment on a Saturday(!).

We woke up before noon (!!), got ready, got dressed, even made it so far as to step outside the door. But Yut was humming the Mario music. Which made me wanna play. So we went back inside and decided never mind, maybe some other day, it’s a 3-day weekend:p Well to be honest, Yut said, either is fine, and I said, ok let’s stay home:D

So now you know. Y’know, this reminds me, misa and neb told us Paper Mario was lots of fun before, and even showed us it a bit, but I just haven’t been into a platform game since Super Mario World. But I was at the shop today storing items and stuff and all of a sudden, I was like, hey! I remember this:p V. random, but not as random as I’ve been, so there!


  1. lol… wow… u never cease to amaze me…=P

  2. Crazy coots! You were already dressed and outside the house! How was it possible?

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