Hair Removal

Julie took me to La Belle (v. swanky) to get waxed for Hawaii. I got my v. first Brazilian bikini wax. It was “not as bad as you think it’ll be” — Julie’s words:p But true, if only because I thought it was going to be really really painful despite what she said. I have a low pain threshold:p When I got in for the appointment, the lady was all, “first time?” Why yes, I didn’t know it showed! :p She then told me to relax and baby powdered everything, then applied warm wax, then RIIIIP!!! This really isn’t doing it justice, but I don’t see how anything could. She told me to relax cos it’d be easier on me if I wasn’t all tense, if I was tense there could be bruising. You can bet I relaxed ASAP:p After waxing, she put some kind of cleansing thing, saying, “This will sting a little.” So I sort of braced myself, but then it was cool and I was all, this isn’t so bad, then it STUNG. V. tricksy:p But yeah, I like it, I don’t like shaving, I somehow manage to cut myself way more often than should be possible with a safety razor. It hurt, but not horribly so.

After waxing, we went to Suppenküche, a German restaurant. For once, we remembered to both bring a camera and take pictures:)

They have a bajillion beers, and good German food. This is a Radler, which is some kind of beer mixed drink, v. slightly sweet. I’ve never had anything like it. It was good:)

I got the Sauteed Venison Medallions in Red Wine Plum Sauce with Red Cabbage and Spätzle. I thought it was good, but the sweet-tart wine/plum sauce was a little on the sweet side for me personally. But the waitress recommended it and in general I think it’s a popular dish.

Breaded Porkloin
Julie got Breaded and Sauteed Porkloin with Roasted Potatoes and Green Salad.

Wild Boar
Yut and Al both got the Wild Boar with sauerkraut, bread pudding, in a mushroom sauce. That mushroom sauce was delicious! I think this is also maybe part of the reason why I was less impressed with the red wine plum sauce, cos this was sooo delicious.

We also all shared Potato Pancakes with Homemade Apple Sauce for appetizer, but I didn’t take any pictures cos at that point we were hungry. And it was sooooo yummilicious. It was also a lot of food, so no dessert.

Okay, I’m all sleepy now, and we’re leaving for Hawaii in the morning. If I can, I’ll update:D


  1. Have fun in Hawaii!!

    Even though I have just filled myself with a continental breakfast, I would gladly devour all of those sumptuous-looking entrees that you took photos of, along with the potato pancakes :)

  2. bah u suckers…
    take me with uuuuuu
    the wild boar sounds a lil freaky diky~
    buh then again~ who noes=P
    looks yummmm!!

  3. I didn’t take photos but I went to Silver Fountain for dinner and I was more impressed by their food than Full Key! So maybe we can go there instead eh? I really want you guys to try it.

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