I think I’ve played over 20 hours of Paper Mario and Yut has played over 10.

Everytime we try to go out except for short trips to pick up some food, somehow, one of us mentions Mario. Or does something to remind us of Mario (like humming the Bowser castle music). And then we decide: never mind going out, we’ll just stay home:)

On Friday (before we started playing), we rented the Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events DVD. When we tried to watch on Saturday night though, there was a scratch that made the end of chapter 4 unwatchable. We managed to skip to 5, but then there was another problem with chapter 10. So we gave up. And I went back to playing.

Clearly, this weekend was meant to be a Paper Mario weekend:D Who am I to argue? :p


  1. we’ve had paper mario weekends! :D i always felt compelled to solve the problems for people around town; ben thought i was silly for that. hehe.

  2. *sigh*… should i worry?? o_O

  3. I was thinking bout the weekend and Mim played about 30 hours and I played about 10. This means that we spent almost every waking hour playing. Even more troubling, Mim didn’t even get 8+ hours of sleep per day over the weekend.

  4. Yup, addicted. Badly.

  5. It’s all good! Someone was asleep by 9pm yesterday. Fell asleep with a controller in her hand.

  6. ” Fell asleep with a controller in her hand.”


  7. Please don’t bring Paper Mario when you visit. I’m scared!

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