This season’s Am. Idol has been so sucky. Seriously, it came down to the Battle of Mediocrities. And the suckier one won:p That’s Carrie, btw. And the show was so annoying too. It was hours and hours of suckage and filler.

Luckily, tv was saved by Jeopardy in which Brad beat Ken and Jerome! Pretty exciting stuff.

Speaking of which, last night we were talking about Mediterranean beaches, thinking of new(d) beaches we could visit, and Yut said, “France? Greece?”

And I said, “Ken has a baby-ish face doncha think?”

Yut: …

Me: …

Me: Oh, it’s cos you said Greece, and that made me think of Crete, which made me think of that one Jeopardy clue where the question was “What is Crete?” which only Brad got right, which made me think, Wow, Brad trounced Ken, which led to what actually came out of my mouth. :D

Yut: Omg. Even you realized that was crazy!


  1. So who’s the best Jeopardy player ever? Ken, who won for 4 months? Or Brad, who got through the tournament of champions and beat Ken on three straight matchups?

  2. That’s tough to say. I’d have to say Brad for now. He didn’t have a chance to play past 5 wins did he?

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