Princess Peach Overheats the Computer

EB Games has Paper Mario for $20, so we went out and bought it, but decided not to play it ’til Friday, cos y’know, work. It’s a distraction from games, alas:p

Wow though it’s a great game! I haven’t played a platform (or whatever) type game in forever… somehow, even though I thought Mario 64 was gorgeous and all, I spent a lot of time running around in the green grass (and in general) and not much time accomplishing anything. So I didn’t know if this one would be something I’d play a lot. But I’ve almost played 5 hours straight now! Brings me back to the good ol’ days (teeheehee, boy I’m getting old:p) of Super Mario World when CT and I took turns playing for hours upon hours. Except for the part where there are helpful goombas and koopas. What’s that all about?! They’re baddies!!

Everything’s just so cute. Even Hooktail, the Chapter 1 big boss was a baddie after my own heart. As he died, he said something like, “…no…I thought I had so many meals left to eat!” :D

The story is that years ago, a city was flattened/sank underground cos of a cataclysmic earthquake type thing. Then at some point a city was built on top of it. Legends say that there is a magnificent treasure somewhere in the old city. Princess Peach was visiting the city and gets a map from a shady fellow, and of course, she sends it to Mario and tells him to hurry up and meet her. When he gets there, she’s nowhere to be found… cos she’s been kidnapped AGAIN! — her own words:D She’s almost as bad as Kim on 24. Kim’s still worse cos she gets kidnapped multiple times in one day:p

Ooooh, and Princess Peach has a shower scene! Well you don’t see anything, but the lab computer that’s guarding her does, and it gets overheated and decides it wants to get to know her better:D teehee Scandalous!

I played til I had a headache from tiredness then took some Excedrin and kept going:)

The game! I fixed it so the link points to EBGames:) Look at that Mario, ain’t he cute? I only wish Luigi were in it too.

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  1. Behind that cute face is an evil dude out to suck the life out of you.

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