Kitty called today:

Kitty: Hey, what’re you doing?
Me: Shopping
Kitty: …
Kitty: Groceries?
Me: No, at a mall type place.
Kitty: Really?!?!

Which I think tells you all you need to know about how I feel about shopping:p teeheehee:)

But I wanted to buy like a summery dress for Hawaii (didn’t see anything I really liked — but I’m also pretty indecisive, so I didn’t buy anything). I hate shopping without my sister. Actually I hate shopping with my sister too — she likes shopping too much:p What I really like is raiding her closets (yes plural…she uses all the closets in the house:p) and stealing her stuff:)

I also bought a bra. It’s those IPEX commercials from Victoria’s Secret — I was all curious about what the “revolutionary” “patent-pending” “bra technology” was. So when we went to the city for Snow Patrol, we wandered into VS and asked. Turns out that it’s just a lined bra with a bit of extra padding where the nipple is (“just where you need it!”). Doooooood wtf?! That’s it? I mean, it’s a good idea but still:p I figured I need a bra anyhows, so I got one today. And now you know.


  1. hahahha. funny funny. thats all you went shopping?! who goes to a mall and buys just a bra?!?! what the… lol yeah i was gonna get the ipex bra but i was feelin it and i was all like wtf im paying like an extra 5 bucks for this?? noo. lol so i just ran off and got a push up~ woooot hahahha

  2. i need to get me one of those then. me nips are always showing. :-P

  3. oops, forgot to -yb it. dat was me! nips showin’ and all… teeheehee… =D

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