Snow Patrol

misa and neb took us to see Snow Patrol today. Actually, neither of us had ever heard of them before Yan and misa mentioned them a while back. We don’t listen to the radio much:p Yut’s never been to a concert and I’ve only been to one, so it was cool:) And fun and loud and really lots of energy:) And the lead singer dude, I couldn’t actually tell if he was cute or hot or what, but he had an accent to die for. It reminded me of Craig Ferguson a little so I guess maybe Scotland or Ireland? Well whatever, I kept wanting him to say, “cheeky wee monkeys” just once:D

Snow Patrol at the Warfield
I’m such a fucking tourist; broke out the camera at every turn:D

Crazy Horse Next Door
See what I mean about tourist? This is the “gentleman’s club” next door:p

Warfield Ceiling
The Warfield is a weird place… it looks like a little theater where you might go to see opera or a musical or something…I mean, look at the ceilings!

Snow Patrol Jumping
The band:)

Additional (3 May)
I should add that Yut and I were both relieved about the cushiony seats:) I was a little afraid there’d be a lot of standing for a long time. teeheeehee I am pathetic


  1. Oooh lucky!! :) They are good. Funny you saw them live, and I was at Target yesterday and saw them on the tv’s they were selling.

  2. damn those are cool photos

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