The Hustle and Bustle of Waikiki

Got to Hawaii Saturday afternoon. It was a long flight, but not quite as bad as going home to Maryland to visit my folks. Close, but not quite.

Our airplane:)

First View
My first view of O’ahu. Soooo relieved cos we were soooo tired. Check out that water though, it’s just gorgeous. We were pretty excited to get into the water, but seriously, we were all too tired and hungry.

Mai Tai
We went to Cheeseburgers in Paradise for burgers and our first mai tais of the trip:) We also got onion rings and seasoned fries. I thought the seasoned fries were good, and the onion rings even better. Expensive for cheeseburgers, though yummy. Everything in Waikiki and all of O’ahu that I’ve seen is expensive though. After lunch, we walked along near the beach for a while. Dooood, Hawaii’s unofficial language is Japanese:p The tour guide folks told us that the Japanese tourists account for like a huge chunk of the visitors all by themselves, and tourism is of course the number one industry.

After dinner, Yut and I went to the hot tub (I will for sure have to take a photo of this, sometime cos we’ve been to the hot tub every day. Then we showered and went to bed.

The next morning, we were up early cos the tour group (we only booked room and flight) was doing a free breakfast and tour packages presentation and we figured why not. We did end up buying some stuff, then we went to the beach for a bit, then we went to lunch in the Princess something-or-other food court. We got chicken katsu curry cos we figured Japanese stuff must be pretty safe:p Afterwards we went to the International Market thing and Al and Yut got t-shirts (8 for $20). Yut was all sorry he even bothered to bring any shirts:p

More later:)


  1. Yeah but who knew you’d find those trophy t’s? Good buy, good buy. What did you end up bringing as reading material? I started Assassin’s Apprentice and it’s great.

  2. getting up early for free breakfast! you go girl! make the lin family proud! hahahhaha

  3. the pineapple with straws looks yummy. =D

    – yb
    (woohoo, i remembered to -yb it! go me.)

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