Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s … Barbecue

We broke out our grill pretty early this year, inspired by the good weather and our next door neighbors. I think they barbecued in the winter, on the very first nice weekend. When they barbecue, we have a good view into their yard and everything smells heavenly.

Neighbor's Grill
Plus they have a swanky grill and a real yard. I covet their yard and their grill and their house, especially when they’re barbecuing:p

We broke out the grill two times this weekend. After we get started, it’s an all the time thing:D I was too caught up in the food and I forgot to take any pictures.

Chimney Starter and Grill
But here is a picture of someone else’s grill, our chimney starter (which starts the charcoal without any starter fluid), and our grill.

After it’s started, we move it up the stairs to the outdoor walkway right in front of our door and then we go sit on the couch and eat too much:p


  1. Ahh the fond memories of watching Tigs poke his head out of the gated door then run back to play MonkeyBall.
    Neighbor’s yard does look nice. Reminds me of Rapunzel’s mom’s neighborly witch who grew lovely greens that she wanted.

  2. huh? u alls gotz yards?

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