A Positive Post About Rain

Yes it’s true. I know I spend all this time complaining ’bout the rain, but rain in the summertime isn’t so bad. It’s not like weeks of cold dreariness followed by colder, drearier rain. It’s more like days of super hot weather, then some chillier rainy days, then more nice ones. Today I saw this girl with this cute plaid umbrella, and I automatically thought she was Japanese:p I wish I would remember to carry a camera around all the time, but eh, then I’d probably seem like a weirdo, taking pictures of people and their umbrellas:p

I went to Starbucks to get a nice warm caramel mocha for the walk home and the woman in front of me was craaaaazzzy! She was sooo specific about her drink, but at the same time didn’t really know what she wanted, so she’d say, I want 2 shots of espresso, definitely. Then maybe some chocolate and blahblahblah. Oh and can I have a lot of small pieces of ice? And the Starbucks girl’d would say, “Well, yes, but I think with this drink if you get small pieces of ice, it’ll melt faster and dilute your drink too fast.” Then she’d be like, “Oh ok, well then the big pieces of ice are fine.” And it went on like this with varying details (types of flavorings that may or may not go together well, etc) for a long time! I was the only one waiting at first, but by the time I ordered there were 2 other people behind me and we were all looking at each other like, “erm…” The guy behind me said it was like going to a movie theater and they show like a bunch of ads, then 20 previews, and by the time you’re done with that, you barely remember what you were there to see. The barista guy finally asked me what drink I wanted while the lady and the cashier person finished discussing the minute details of her order.

The caramel mocha was perfect for the weather though:)


  1. Haha, your town is riddled with freaks.

  2. and i thought u were weird… i guess its all of u ppls out there=P

  3. Rain sux!

  4. Don’t you just *hate* when people like that get in front of you? You should try being the person waiting on them – I used to be a waiter…

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