“I’m Batman, now take off your panties”

Julie, Al, Yut and I saw Batman Begins tonight in the IMAX theatre at the Metreon. Holy shit that screen was big. I got kinda dizzy watching the fighting, especially since everyone was wearing black:p I know I know, y’all are shocked that we made it to the city on a Thursday. We thought the theater might be a little less crowded today cos it’s Game 7, but I guess not enough people care, cos there were plenty of people. It wasn’t super crowded or anything, but quite a lot of the seats were filled. After the movie, we went to Fenton’s Creamery for some yummy sundaes and snacks.

Overall, I thought the movie was really good. Christian Bale is pretty hot. But if someone disagrees, I can understand. He’s not beautiful like Johnny Depp (which btw, I am sooo looking forward to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Anyhows, like most men, I think he looks damn fine in a tux or a suit and damn weird in a cape and a mask:p He’s definitely the best Batman since Michael Keaton, maybe even better than that. Michael Caine was a great Alfred, Morgan Freeman was as always good in his role as Lucius Fox (what a name:) ), the Q character, and Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) was fine as Gordon. Cillian Murphy was brilliant as Dr. Crane — scary as hell, especially those penetrating pale eyes. Actually Cillian Murphy was better looking than Christian Bale (hehe I am all about eye candy today). Speaking of which, Katie Holmes… I can’t say that she was bad or good or what cos her character, Rachel Dawes, was bland bland bland, may as well have named her Jane Blandness. Seriously, her role could’ve been divided between Alfred and the dude who played the DA (her boss). I guess that would’ve left them without a female lead, but it was that lame. I don’t know if a better actress could’ve done better in the role, so I won’t condemn Katie Holmes, but she didn’t help any.

Batman is one of my favorite comic book heroes, and definitely my favorite DC Comics hero. (Although Flash ranks up there, too.) So I’m glad he got the proper dark treatment cos he’s the Dark Knight:p

Btw, the title is from VH1’s “Best Week Ever” cos they were talking about how Batman is so fucking cool. Then one of the comedians said, “I’m Batman, now take off your panties.” in the Batman voice and cracked us up. I’m not explaining this at all properly, but suffice it to say, it was v. funny:)

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  1. i like cillian murphy. he’s going to be the villain in a wes craven movie (red eye) this fall. although the trailer makes it look.. not that great. i think cillian makes a good villain, hehe.

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