More Hawaii Photos, Finally

Yes, I am slow. All the wordy stuff about the Hawaii trip is here and here. This is just photos with small descriptions.

Uncle Bob at the USS Arizona Memorial
Uncle Bob, our tour guide/bus driver for the USS Arizona/Honolulu tour. This is the guy who told us to go to Ono Hawaiian and Leonard’s, for which I am v. grateful.

Germaine's Luau Dancers
Dancers at Germaine’s Luau. Note how this started before sunset!

More dancing. The dancers at Germaine’s Luau were better than at the Magic of Polynesia show:p I messed up and uploaded this photo super small. Oh well.

Fire Twirler
The fire twirly dude! This is all at the luau…note how there are a large number of show photos and no food photos. The food wasn’t bad, but since we went to Ono Hawaiian for lunch, it just didn’t compare. This guy was pretty cool, also better than the fire dude at the Magic of Polynesia show:p

L & L -- Loco Moco and Bbq'd Stuffs
Loco Moco (the hamburger and egg and gravy over rice thing on the left) and bbq combo at L & L Hawaiian Barbecue. Yum!

Coconut Shrimp at Nick's Fishmarket
Coconut Shrimp at Nick’s Fishmarket — we gobbled down 2 of them before remembering to take out our cameras:p

Bass Thing
Fish (bass maybe?) in a olive and tomato sauce (I’m guessing) with scallops, shrimp, mussels, and clams around it at Nick’s Fishmarket. It started out really good, but there was So.Much.Food it was hard to finish. Luckily it was yummy enough that I gorged myself and then Yut helped:p

Seafood Grill
Seafood Grill from Nick’s. Also quite a lot of yummy food. Yut rocks!

Vanbana PieThe Vanbana Pie — our favorite thing at Nick’s! We almost skipped dessert, but then we thought… “when are we gonna ever be back?” so we went for it. It’s just a slice of Vanilla/Banana ice cream with a ritz cracker crust. Amazingly good despite our fullness. Seriously that ritz cracker crust kicked ass!

Diamondhead View
View of the Diamondhead volcanic crater/park from the top.

Ocean View From DiamondheadView of the Ocean from the top of Diamondhead. The little lighthouse is pretty cute and possibly significant, but it’s too hard to pay attention to a lighthouse when there’s all that gorgeous warm water to look at.

Waikiki From Diamondhead
View of the Waikiki area from Diamondhead.

Okay, more later:)


  1. Oooh Ritz cracker crust eh? Maybe I’ll try making that one of these days.

  2. Oh, “Cousin Bob”…more like Uncle Bob and the yech part was Mim thought he was cute!! cute like a grandpa? No! cute like captain picard cute! eeeeeeewwww!!!!!

  3. Sucks big time to know that I lose out to Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, and now, Uncle Bob.

  4. mmmm… delicious hawaii…

  5. wow… the water really is blue~~

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