We’ve been watching movies a lot lately.
I think it’s these Blockbuster rent one get one free coupons. Or trying to make up for not leaving the house at all for days on end.

Anyhows, we’ve seen Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events which felt incomplete somehow. It started off promisingly, but the end was pretty anticlimactic. And there were so many unanswered questions… it was too ready for a sequel:p I dunno, it was like the potential was there, but it wasn’t great. I liked Meryl Streep in this movie a lot though — or maybe her character.

Napoleon Dynamite was a v. low-key movie about I guess adolescent angst and misfitness. He was sooo pathetic, but his brother and uncle were worse. The only one in their family who even has a life is Grandma. They live in this middle of nowhere place in Idaho and I think it reflects his life. He tells really dumb lies, and isn’t particularly nice, but I felt like he was true to himself. And in the end, in support of his friend Pedro, when he does something that’s so dorky, yet so brave, and it works, it felt like redemption (maybe not quite the right word) to me. I don’t know, for me it was quiet enjoyment with a few laughs. Not like brilliant-I-want-to-see-it-over-and-over, but good-I’m-glad-I-saw-it.

I finally managed to see Hotel Rwanda, too. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been meaning to. Sometimes it’s hard to decide to see a movie like this, cos it’s supposed to be Important but Ghastly, but all you really want is to sit on the couch and enjoy yourself. But the story was so good, and everyone was so convincing, it’s like this is what movies ought to be more like. It was really powerful stuff. The only complaint about it for me was that it made the Tutsis seem like they were semi-blameless victims, while a great number of Hutus were propaganda and hate driven madmen killing a million people (Tutsis and moderate Hutus both) in 100 days. I don’t know the actual situation of course, so I guess I’ll shut up now:p Suffice it to say, Don Cheadle was as brilliant as everyone says (actually the whole cast was damn good) — it wasn’t like he was a self-sacrificing great man or anything at first, but he rose to the occasion when it became necessary. In that way, it reminded me of Schindler’s List and Oskar Schindler.

Finally, we actually made it out of our place Saturday and we actually went to see Revenge of the Sith. Okay, well, everyone’s right — it was much better than episodes 1 and 2 — but they sucked soooo bad, that says nothing. I had 2 principle problems with this movie:
1 — complete lack of strong female characters. For some reason, everyone in the Jedi Council is male, in fact, most Jedi are male (I think we see two female Jedi for a few moments before they die:p There are no female baddies, either. And no female Senators that we saw except for Senator Amidala. Speaking of which, for some reason Padme Amidala, she who was Queen, then Senator, she whom we saw speaking out in Congress, she who refused to stay in the vehicle doohickey thing and came out to fight despite orders not to, became in this movie, a sniveler. What the hell happened?! I don’t care if she was pregnant and had wack hormones and was nesting or whatever. “Anakin, you’re breaking my heart!” just doesn’t cut it:p
2 — Anakin goes from good but arrogant to goodish but scared to REALLY FUCKING BAD. I’m trying to not ruin the movie for y’all who haven’t seen it, but really, I know they’re trying not to have a three hour long monstrosity (thanks for that, btw), but for goodness’ sake, wtf?!
I dunno, character development isn’t a strong suit anyhows, I don’t think. I’m glad that he cut out a lot of the sappy dialog (not all, but a lot) and had a lot of cool scenes instead. In general, I found it pretty entertaining (I think Yut less so) if somewhat problematic, and worth watching on the big screen.
I actually have a question, which maybe those of you that know the movies better (or own them and wouldn’t mind watching episode 6 again) can answer. I have this vague memory of Luke asking Leia, “What was Mother like?” or something like that. Then Leia says something like, “I don’t remember her very well, but I remember she was always sad,” or something like that. Does anyone remember this, too?

Okay that’s all:D


  1. I read on some forum, someone complained that she never met her mother so how would she know what her mother was like but someone else replied that she was probably remembering her adoptive mother.

  2. That’s what I was telling Mim after the movie. But I don’t even remember that line from the sixth movie.

  3. No, why would Luke ask Leia what her adoptive mother was like?
    Makes no sense. You own the movies don’t you somewhere? Watch ’em! I neeeeeeed to know the answer!

  4. hayden christiansen was sooooooo bad.

    also, why were the jedi so easy to take down (aside from like two or three of them.) come up behind ’em, wack. some jedi! i think there was a female character there, as a jedi that was whacked ‘cos with all the force she couldn’t see that coming.

  5. Maddox made a funny post on his site:

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