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Today we’re editing our landlord’s kid’s and his girlfriend’s resumes. Yut’s doing all the typing, but I keep telling him not to be so harsh! “You should try to put that nicer, s/he’s just a kid!” “Don’t just put a question mark there, make it clearer what you’re looking for.” Yut started to look at me like, “What’s wrong with you?!”

It’s cos we look at my sister’s resume a lot, cos she’s always polishing it up in case something comes along or cos she’s searching for a job or yadayada, only usually I’m the mean one.

I type things like “Geez, woman, entering information into a database is not adding value to your resume! You’re not trying to get that type of job! Talk about maintaining and what you used it for instead or something. DUH!”

Or “Jeeeeezus, how many times do I have to tell you to watch your verb tense?! Dumbass”

Or “Gawd, could you try for a little clarity???” (Only I don’t try to make it clearer what I mean:p)

Yut lets me do all the typing except he’s more proficient with Word than I am so some of the formatting changes he does cos he’s faster, but we edit together. After a while of watching me gleefully type these little helpful notes for my sister he says, “You are mean!”

But I don’t even realize it. Cos I always talk extra super sarcastic and mean to my sister. It just makes her laugh; she doesn’t take me seriously. (Actually the bad thing is, when I’m really pissed at her and I’m yelling and cursing, she still laughs:p)

You’re my fave sister, I don’t really think you’re a dumbass:p


  1. Thanks, I figured as much seeing as how I’m your only sister! :p

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