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Sunday (today but now it’s 1 the next morning) we went to see Honour at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre with misa and neb. I haven’t been to see a play since high school, so this was pretty cool:) neb was a high school stage actor! (He won’t admit to any groupies, but there must’ve been some:p) Anyhows, it was a really good experience. The stage is a small “intimate” sort of place where there aren’t any bad seats.

Honour is the story of a marriage of 32 years which gets broken up because of infidelity. Honor (the wife) was a published poet before her marriage to journalist/commentator Gus and the birth of her daughter Sophie, but she’s happy and comfortable with her life and choices. Then Gus gets into a series of interviews with Claudia, who’s doing a profile of him. When Gus tells Honor that he’s leaving her, I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone in the audience, but it’s a pretty powerful scene. Then the rest of the play deals with the aftermath and the changing relationships between Honor, Gus, Claudia, and Sophie. I liked the actors’ performances of Honor and Sophie particularly, and I liked the portrayal of Claudia least:p But not just because Claudia’s the “stealer” cos I think it’s the person who made the promise (Gus the husband in this case) who was most in the wrong. The play for me was strongest in the middle when Gus and Honor fight about his leaving and also the scenes with Sophie. It was weakest towards the end, especially the next to last scene.

I liked the play pretty well, maybe the experience more than the play. I really enjoy live performances like this.

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  1. Yes I had groupies.

    That flickr thing on the left is cool.

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