The Biggest Jackass in Hell’s Kitchen

Two episodes of Hell’s Kitchen today — my first time watching. The premise is that Gordon Ramsey is the top-rated chef in Great Britain, and he claims that he can train anyone. But he takes the love out of the tough love:p He’s pretty mean to them — in the ads, you hear one of them say he’s worse than Simon Cowell (!!!).

Anyhows, he was pretty mean, but it was entertaining. The thing is, it’s like sometimes he’s being crazy mean, but sometimes, they deserve it. Seriously, these people need to listen to themselves! Like Wendy, who talks about how much of a perfectionist she is, then says things like, “It was just the tiniest little hole!” (in the squid that they were preparing to be stuffed). Or Andrew who decided that it was gonna get to be backstabby and mean sooner or later cos it’s a competition (“It’s inevitable!”) but started it by spending more time bad-mouthing Mary Ellen than he did cooking — luckily the sous chef was on to him, he said, “That’s not what I’m seeing,” when Andrew tried to complain about how he had to do a lot of Mary Ellen’s work.

They threw the contestant chefs straight into restaurant cooking and they suck so they’re all slow. People wait like three hours for their food and get all cranky. Chef Ramsey hates when they try to talk over to the kitchen to ask him what’s up though, so when they do it, he tends to curse at them and tell them things like, “You’re smart, you can see what’s going on [that they’re not experienced], so fuck off!” Anyhows, Jean Phillipe the maitre d’ (brought over from one of his restaurants in England) gets a lot of abuse. Despite all of the chef’s cursing and yelling though, no one in the kitchen is even the biggest jackass on the show so far! One of the tables got so annoyed with waiting that they ordered pizza delivered. Then when Jean Phillipe tried to tell them that they are violating code cos they can’t allow outside food in, one of the diners got all up in his face! The dude was all, “Do you have a doctorate?!” Jean Phillipe (or Philippe?) said, “I am educated.” “DO. YOU. HAVE. A. DOCTORATE?!” (like if he talked louder and slower he’d get a different answer:p I hate that) “No” “THEN YOU ARE NOT MORE EDUCATED THAN ME!” I was shocked! Seriously, did this guy even realize how much of a fucking jackass he was being?! My god, if he didn’t like the service, he can get the fuck out! Plus, what does having a doctorate have to do with running the dining room?! Can you imagine? It was awful — God, if I knew him at work or something you can bet I’d be telling him I saw him being a jackass on tv. Actually maybe not if he was my boss. Then maybe I’d just tell other people behind his back:p Plus, what’s with the whole pizza thing? Doood, they coulda disputed their check and gotten the hell out. It was so rude! It just makes no sense. The only other explanation for this is that the people who are dining there are paid actors with lines or something. But then what’s the point? I hope it’s not so.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming: Time to talk about Paper Mario! :)

Dooooood 45+ hours after I got started, I beat the Shadow Queen and finished the game yesterday:) Aaaaaannnnnnnd! We made it out of the apartment on Saturday! Yes it’s true! We went to the farmer’s market and then went to 99 Ranch and also we had pho. But we stayed home Sunday and I finished it up:D Yut’s almost done, too. He’s playing, but I’m like a walk through so he’s being much speedier:p I’m going to go back though and finish up everyone’s trouble requests, and do the Pit of 100 Trials, and maybe try to make it back to the top of the Glitzville Arena. And I missed three Sun Sprites somewhere. Plenty left:)


  1. Hahahaha I can’t believe anybody would say he was more educated because of his doctorate. I would be so embarrassed for his compadres. Dios mio!

  2. lol i love that show now. he’s such a jackass buh its so entertaining! lol.

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