A Spider Behind the TV

spider behind tv
There was this big spider behind the tv today on the window ledge trying to climb up. The poor dude kept on slipping off, then swinging like mad from his thread, then climbing up the thread, then getting back on the ledge, then moving forward a bit, then slipping off again, then repeat all over again.

big spider close up
Here it is, closer up.

I’m sad now that I didn’t get a picture of it swinging from its thread, but at the time it was happening, I was playing Paper Mario. Cos after you finish the main game, you can go back to run around and do whatever you want. I’m trying to complete the Pit of 100 Trials (so far, no luck:p Damn Pit!). Luckily, all the fights are turn-based cos I kept getting distracted by the spider. I was feeling all sorts of sympathy for the poor thing! Not enough to get close and help him, mind you:p It’s resting now, cos its earlier efforts tired the poor guy out.


  1. LMAO oh shit woman i woulda freaked!~

  2. New pet eh? hehehe. Is he still hanging out around there?

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