Actually About Saturday

This was like a birthday weekend:)

Happy (now belated) birthday to Yan:)

And happy early birthday to Al. Julie organized a bday bash for Al at this bar called EZ5 in the city. Yut and I rented a car cos we didn’t wanna be stuck with public transportation hours.

Anyhows, it was a pretty nice bar! Lots of different drinks, my fave was the flaming lemon drop:) I’ve never had one before, but it was yummilicious!

Al's Shoes
As usual, I took pictures of everyone’s shoes:p Okay, I am weird:p Anyhows, these are Al’s shoes:) I actually took it by mistake cos he was making a face and I missed it so I put my arm down but the picture went off anyhows.

Cliff's Shoes
Cliff’s shoes. (I hope I’m identifying everyone’s shoes right.)

Julie's shoes
Julie’s shoes.

Yut's shoes
More shoes:)

The place (which was pretty dim, and had a dj, but you can’t tell because of the flash, makes the place look lit:p) had cool booths, and in one corner…

Ms Pacman/Galaga
an old Ms. Pacman/Galaga. Which of course, Yut played:p

Anyhows, it was a fun night:) By the time we got there, Al had had 9 or 10 or 11 drinks (the number fluctuated:D) but seriously, you could hardly tell he was more than buzzed, he was just more prone to yelling out, “BITCHES!” hehehe:)

More Traffic on the Bay Bridge
Oh yeah, getting to the city in a car takes forever, cos driving on the Bay Bridge (or whatever it’s called) sucks. Especially the part where you have to go through the toll thing. Omg, maybe it was cos it was Saturday evening, but seriously, it sucked. Then traffic on the bridge wasn’t too great, but at least it moved.

We also went to the Metreon to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cos I been wanting to see it:) I liked it a lot better than the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which actually, I’ve never liked. I like the book, but not the movie. Til now:) They skipped a part (the soda) and added some stuff (about Willy Wonka’s dad), but overall, it was a much better movie. I thought Johnny Depp was funny:) He carries off the page boy with bangs look much better than I ever could:p Cos he’s v. pretty. I didn’t find him overly creepy like a lot of the reviewers. So yeah, obviously, to answer the question Charlie or Willy? It’s definitely Charlie for me.


  1. I really loved Willy Wonka. I especially liked his purple latex gloves. I want to wear purple latex gloves all the time.

    Dude, where are YOUR shoes?!

  2. I liked how him and his dad wore matching gloves, only his were PURPLE! :D

    I was wearing the same old pair of shoes as at the Arizona memorial in Hawaii, so I didn’t bother:p

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