It’s like 11:30pm and we are admitting defeat!

All we’re trying to do is to set up the DSL connection so that we can both be on hosting games on, but anyhows, after playing with it for a while, the DSL doodad doesn’t seem to have port forwarding options on its firewall, and it doesn’t assign local ips based on MAC/hardware address. Anyhoos, we’ll work on it s’more later. Hints welcome!!!

The damn SBC kit with the 2Wire thingie. Look at the smiling happy people… lies! All lies! Yut put me back on Comcast and he’s on SBC right now, and that’s how we’re gonna go try and get a game in:p

On a good note, we cooked up some chili and watched a re-cast of today’s Tour de France and watched some Jeopardy before we started trying this, so the whole night hasn’t been a bust:p

I know, I know, the chili has a lot of weird stuff in it. But we halve the amount of beans and dump in like celery and mushrooms and potato instead:p


  1. that looks… dangerous…

  2. Looks yummy to me.

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