Fascinated, Yet Repulsed

We watched the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest during dinner today (ESPN2). Luckily, the actual eating part didn’t happen til the end of dinner, cos doooooood!

To win, you have to eat as many Nathan’s Famous hot dogs as possible in 12 minutes. The world record holder is Takeru Kobayashi of Japan (53½ hot dogs, set in 2004). He still won this year with 49 hot dogs, but didn’t beat his record. (He said that he was disappointed and maybe next year. Holy shit:p) Second was Sonya Thomas with 37 hot dogs, a new American record.

We couldn’t look away, but at the same time, it was awful. I mean, some of these people were dipping their hot dogs into water (to make the bun easier to eat) or lemonade in at least one case, and there was just this watery bready drool all around the mouth and wow. Ew:p

Anyhows, for the next few days, ESPN2 will be broadcasting the Alka-Seltzer U.S. Open of Competitive Eating. I might have to try to watch. Not during dinner though:p


  1. Oh gawd my coworkers used to call me the Black Widow (Sonya’s game name):p That’s groady tho, I like hotdogs but not like that.

  2. Dood- Sonya Thomas is a Korean chick!! She’s like… 5’0″ tall!!!

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