Grocery Shopping Online

We crossed the final frontier, online shopping wise:p

I mean, I think we’d buy anything online, but for some reason, we never tried online grocery shopping. Usually, I like to be able to look and touch and smell and stuff. But transporting groceries is a hassle with no car, and is doing this free shipping deal (over $50, I think), and we were running low on water (heavy to carry). Oh and we’re lazy and don’t like to leave our apartment. So we ordered all sorts of stuff yesterday and got it delivered today (just before 8pm).

Refrigerator Before
The fridge, before… vast emptiness.

Refrigerator After
The fridge, after… lots o’ bags.

And that doesn’t even include the 12 bottles of seltzer water and 2 more big 2.5 gallon jugs of water. Oh and assorted chips and crackers and stuff like that:p

You know what? It was cool:) I’d do it again!


  1. Neato Toledo! Did you order fresh produce and meats? I heard that they choose the best produce and meats for their online customers. I’m surprised they’re offering free shipping at a time when gas is so expensive! Good deal.

  2. yup we got fruit and meat. I haven’t looked yet, but they seemed fine. The one thing I would maybe say don’t get is like frozen stuffs:p It’s not completely bad, but it gets a little melty.

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