Okay, okay, so it’s a lil early to be talking about the next Harry Potter movie (out in November), but have y’all seen the teaser trailer?

Holy crap! It’s like growing up for guys involves bad haircuts (or maybe the problem is the lack of haircuts). Hermione is looking lovelier than ever, but Harry and Ron look like Shaggy1 and Shaggy2 (well maybe not quite lanky enough, but hair-wise).

Well anyhows, the next book (HP and the Half Blood Prince) is going to be out this Friday at midnight, so guess where I’ll be (Other Change of Hobbit is going to be open, oh yes!):)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory also opens on Friday. It’s v. exciting! I’ve been looking forward to this since I first heard that Johnny Depp and Tim Burton were gonna not-remake it! :) But still, probably not opening weekend:p

Oh also, one of my cousins sent Yut this:
Flash Flash Revolution

It’s a crazy flash version of DDR that you can play on your keyboard. I tried a medium difficulty one, which started out easily enough. But then it went crazy! Complete madness! I started hitting all the arrow buttons at once cos I couldn’t keep up. (miss… MISS… BOO… BOO…BOO!!! Score: 0!) This doesn’t really bode well for DDR with Mario, but I want it anyhows:p