Does anyone else who watches Hell’s Kitchen think that Jean-Philippe (the maitre d’) is the best dude on the show? Seriously, he doesn’t yell at anyone, he always maintains his cool, and he’s got a dishy accent. That accent is definitely yums. So’s Gordon Ramsay’s, come to think of it:) That accent, it gives them an advantage:p

Anyhows, I haven’t seen today’s episode yet (DVR’d it), but shall soon:) No spoilers here:)

It’s cos lately, I’ve started to watch The Closer (starring Kyra Sedgwick) which is on TNT on the same timeslot as Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a scripted show which premiered this summer, which is great because there’s no re-runs:) (Re-runs are good for catching up on all those episodes of shows that we missed somehow — Law & Order, House, and Medium to some degree — but sucks when we’re all caught up:p) Plus The Closer’s been pretty good so far. So we’ll see.