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The TV was on, tuned to Animal Planet. We were watching a dog show (Jeffrey the Pekingese won best in show), but didn’t switch channels after that ended, so we ended up watching one of the Animal Planet’s Most Extreme series episodes, Most Extreme SWARMS! One of the swarms they highlighted was the Christmas Island Red Crab, most extreme swarm #5 or something. There was just this humongous amount of crab going crazy, but the whole time the narrator was going on about the migration and spawning and then the babies coming back, I kept saying, “Are they edible?!” “But don’t people eat them?” “Are they good food?” “That’s a lot of crab!”


Then I spent time on Yahoo! and Google search searching for “eating Christmas Island Red Crab” and “cooking Christmas Island Red Crab” etc. Egads, the madness, it doesn’t stop:p

Anyhows, I think maybe people don’t eat them because they’ve had some poor spawning seasons in the last few years or something, plus an infestation of some sort of non-native ant that liked to eat them crabs. I couldn’t find descriptions of what they’re like, eating-wise, but it sounds like they are edible. And now you know:p


  1. Well thank you for that bit of information. I feel smarter already! :p

  2. hahahaha you’re funny.

  3. If it’s crab, it’s gotta be edible… Except perhaps for those horridly small crabs at Wallops island, which didn’t seem to appetizing..

  4. I too became curious about the edibleness of the crab. Found something you might like.

    “You might also think people would put a few in a pot for dinner. Not so. Red crabs aren’t the kind of crabs you get at a seafood restaurant. They aren’t edible.”

    here is the source-not sure how reliable it is. You know how adults like to lie to kids to make themselves seem smart. Plus, kids eat it up without question…


  5. Shucks! I guess I shoulda figured, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many around:p

    I wonder why they aren’t edible though. Not yummy? Poisonous?

  6. What is the Narrator’s name? I can’t find it anywhere. :(

  7. The narrator on “The Most Extreme” seems to be Adam Harrington.

    Info on tvrage.com

    Info on commonsensemedia.org

  8. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!I couldn\’t find it anywhere! I can\’t thank you enough!

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