I think I need a new profile picture. But I’m sorta partial to my Y!Avatar, so it’s hard to think of something to change to.

So anyhows, it’s been a while now, what do y’all think about the guestmap and the flickr thing?

I’m with misa, I love flickr. (It’s funny how misa’s photos are all rabbits and mine are all food:p teehee:) ) And I think the flickr badge is pretty cool. On the other hand, if y’all don’t have flash player I think it’s problematic. Should I keep the badge?

The guestmap thing is totally useless though, I dunno, I’m thinking ’bout losing it. Cos only 3 people have bothered to stick a pin in. Which is pretty reasonable, considering my audience:D So I’m removing it, unless y’all think otherwise:p


  1. am i one of the three? i don’t remember if i succeeded but i know i was having trouble…

  2. nope! So it was problematic too. Eh, no loss:D

  3. I gave it a shot… but I don’t think that it saved my pin.

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