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Oops, I made a mistake yesterday, the Alka-Seltzer U.S. Open of Competitive Eating is on ESPN, not ESPN2.

Yeah, Sonya Thomas is totally tiny! Besides being only 5 feet tall — actually, I don’t know, I’m taking your word for it:) — she only weighs like 105 lbs:p And she’s the #1 ranked American, #2 in the world. Not bad.
Complete “Eater Profiles” available at the Internation Federation of Competitive Eating website. There’s a very unfortunate photo of Eric Booker, amongst other people. Seriously, if I were Eric Booker, I’d be like, take that photo down! Or maybe he’s trying to be extra groady and scary:p

Watching Takeru Kobayashi eat is amazing. I think he set a new world record for spaghetti with sauce today. He just shoveled that stuff down!


  1. I’m a fan of competitive eating from afar- I’ve never seen the hot dog eating competitions, or the meatball eating competitions, or any of the others, but I’ve heard of that guy’s exploits for the past 5 years with his method of snapping the hot dogs in two, dipping them in water, and down the hatch! Maybe he’s like a bear and hybernates for months after consuming 12+ pounds of hot dogs… :)

  2. He’s pretty buff, I think he must work out like mad:p

    But it’s all madness!!!

  3. Disgusting. I like to watch people eat but that’s just gross.

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