A bunch of kids (maybe a church group? club of some sort? something like that) were posing together for a group photograph, and I overheard one girl say, “Oh shit!” cos she was trying to put a camera on the tripod, and maybe it almost dropped? I was trying not to stare:p

Anyhows, a bunch of the other kids started making the “awwwwwwww, you said a curse word!” type comments/sounds. The first girl said, “Oops, sorry!!!” Then one kid said, jokingly, “You know your mom doesn’t like cursing, it says so on our website!”

Hahahahaha! Doood, I’m glad I never had to deal with that:p

—Edited to add:
Also overheard:
little kid: “…then you click…”
mom, with a slight accent: “nono, how can you expect me to remember that? I only got the www dot part!”
kid: …
mom: “you need to write down the instructions step by step!”
kid, all resigned: “oooookaaaay” (think Eeyore:p)