Pocky Sale, oh yes!

Every time we go to 99 Ranch Market nowadays, I always go to the snacks aisle to check if there’s any Green Tea Pocky. Lately though, they haven’t had any, it’s weird. But the last time we went, they had Men’s Pocky (“ALL NEW!” — I’ll say:p).

Men's pocky
What the heck izzat?! I’ve never heard of men’s chocolate before, so I had to try it. Then I realized that they were having a Pocky SALE. Well, you can imagine what happened next.

On the other hand, why imagine:p Since we were buying all these pockies anyhows, we went to another shop to buy some green tea pocky:p

yogurt pocky
The yogurt pocky box was half the size of the other boxes, so of course, I bought two:p

Once I started the box, it was gone in a flash. I think I could give them competitive eaters a run for their money in pocky consumption:p Yut had a chance to eat maybe one before they were GONE. Although he was playing DOTA on Warcraft and he doesn’t LURVE pocky, so it was his own doing. Yeah, it’s true:p

I just opened the men’s pocky, and I think it’s just dark chocolate. Dunno why that’s men’s, but whatevs. I did talk Yut into eating a few extra cos I mean, it’s Men’s pocky! The green tea is still the best. Although the yogurt was really good too:)

Oh speaking of them competitive eaters, we went out for dinner today and got raw oysters, and we ordered 18 for the 2 of us (Hama Hama, Kumamoto, and Malpeque, 6 each) and I was slurping away, then I said, “I wonder if I could eat as much as Sonya Thomas in oysters.” Only I just looked up her (world) record and it’s 46 DOZEN in 10 minutes, and I just don’t think I could do it. Or maybe I just can’t do it to myself. I looooove oysters, yum:)

Btw, Takeru Kobayashi beat Sonya Thomas in the finals of the US Open of Competitive Eating. They got through rounds of cheese fries, spaghetti bolognese, italian chopped salad, potato skins, and then finally an appetizer platter with chicken tenders, chips and dip, buffalo chicken burger, etcetc. Scary! Sonya was really strong ’til then end, when she just looked like she’d had about enough. I think they should’ve done the finals a day later:p


  1. Whoa, it’s like we have ESPN or something. I saw the Men’s Pocky yesterday at Maxim’s and I was going to get it, take a picture, and blog about it cuz I thot it was weird that there was a Pocky for dudes. But I didn’t. I was thinking, nah, you’ll find em and blog em.
    All that food sounds good, cheese fries, chicken tenders, etc. but all at once? That’s punishment. That would make me hate food. I don’t know how she does it. Or more importantly, why? :P

  2. lol….Never heard of ‘pocky’ before…..and mens pocky?….I thought chocolate makers honed in on female consumers

  3. I know, I don’t get the whole Men’s Pocky thing either:p

  4. pocky’s are awesome!

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