Today is supposed to be one of the hottest days of the summer so far. Enough to merit comment on yesterday’s news broadcasts.


Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Weather Celcius
Also from, but in Celsius for y’all who like it.

Muahahahaha:) 80°! Not bad, eh?
Actually though, more inland away from the bay it is way hotter. Like close to 100°F.
Also, our old apartment building has a tar roof and like no insulation, and we’re on the second floor, so I really shouldn’t gloat cos it’s like an oven in there ’til 10pm or something like that:p But still, the weather today has been v. pleasant so far — not home yet:p

Btw, I posted these pictures using Blogger’s new “Add Image” feature. It tried to do some fancy formatting stuff, but I had to remove it cos it just made the post look weird. The words and pictures ran together a bit. Yeah, I’m low tech:p